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We designed the Rotary ® MOD30 Inground Lift for quick setups with a wide range of heavy vehicles. So you can get them out of the shop and back on the job. Faster. Safer. And with lower fleet operating costs. Shown: MOD30AB202C 60,000 lbs. cap. Our patented * Universal Saddle System fits your whole fleet. GS07F8953D We've got a sweet spot for heavy vehicles. *U.S. Patent No. 6,471,009 Want to know more? Visit us at Or contact a Rotary distributor at 800-448-5383. Through these events BART identified many ways to improve accessibility on the new trains. The new train cars will have a wheel- chair area at the end of each car, which will accommodate 20 wheelchair users in total on a 10-car train. BART staf is cur- rently working with Bombardier to incor- porate a wheelchair graphic in the floor to help remind riders to yield the wheel- chair area to wheelchair users when they board the train. "We also made a commitment to do a comprehensive customer education campaign around the needs of people with disabilities, especially wheelchair users," Weinstein says. "We are going to call it 'The Clear Path' campaign, with both audio and visual to help with behav- ioral issues." In addition to the digital screens, many hearing-impaired riders may ben- eft from an induction loop system that transmits information directly to recep- tive hearing aids and cochlear implants. Tis is a feature Bombardier engineers are planning to develop and test, ex- plains Weinstein. Passengers with sight impairments will beneft from automated audio announce- ments and a better quality PA system with interior and exterior speakers. In addition to people with disabili- ties, there's accessibility for non-English speaking customers as well, explains We i n s t e i n . T h e d i g i t a l i n f o r mat i o n screens will rotate certain keywords in different languages. BART's standard languages besides English are Span- ish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. "The digital screens gave us a way to have key information in those languag- es," he says. CROWDSOURCING DATA Weinstein says that what he's learned from the outreach process is that "crowd- sourcing," which is what the agency has been doing in one way or another, has been "extremely helpful in the design pro- cess if the end result is you want a design that works best for your customers." He adds that the best part of the design feedback process has been the one-on- one conversations with customers at var- ious outreach events. "We have people that can bring all kinds of experience to those events," Weinstein says. "Whether they are Average Joe riders that are just very observant about their daily commute who can bring those kinds of insights, to people who are professional engineers who can see things that maybe we've missed," he says. 27 JUNE 2014 m ETRO m AGAZINE > Digital LCD screens will display the system map, next-stop and transfer information.

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