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28 < mETRO mAGAZINE JUNE 2014 While they do run trains very successfully, rail service contractors can do signifcantly more to help transit systems with their rail services. For starters, they form strategic partner- ships with companies located near the sys- tem for products and services such as parts and repairs; provide technological innova- tions, such as special apps for conductors that streamline all the rules and information they need to have at their fngertips; and ofer expertise in lean manufacturing to enhance feet availability and reliability. To fnd out more about how they have helped rail systems across the U.S., METRO Magazine talked to fve contractors, some of whom are also railcar manufacturers, and got the latest on some of their key projects. Taking a one-stop-shop approach, these companies help enhance services by forming strategic partnerships with local companies and focusing on regional needs. They can also improve feet reliability and ofer technological innovations and safety programs. BY NICOLE SCHLOSSER, Senior Editor ALSTOM TRANSPORT Alstom Transport's expertise covers a comprehensive knowledge of train in- frastructure, signaling, maintenance, renovations, and training and consulting, according to the company. With this know-how, the contractor and manufactur- er ofers systems that feature a blend of diverse technologies and fexible imple- mentation. Tis is refected in the largest project Alstom has ever signed, according to the company, in which it is supplying 600 commuter trains to Passenger Rail Agen- cy of South Africa (PRASA) and constructing a manufacturing facility for the tran- sit system. Te contract marks a signifcant milestone in its strategy to strengthen its presence at both global and local levels. Tis achievement can be attributed to its worldwide industrial footprint and strategic partnerships that enable proxim- ity to its customers. Te project contract was signed in October 2013 for the supply of the X'Ttrapolis Mega commuter trains (3,600 cars) over a period of 10 years. Alstom will also build a local manufacturing facility near Johannesburg. South African rail company Gibela, as part of the joint venture led by Alstom, will provide technical support and supply spare parts over an 18-year period. Te overall value of the contract is worth $5.5 billion. "We were particularly focused on comfort, safety and reliability to make sure that Prasa customers travel in the safest conditions possible and arrive at their des- tination on time," says Yvan Eriau, Alstom Transport's managing director, South- ern Africa. "Our trains are accessible to everyone, thanks to their low-foor, spa- cious interiors and wide doors. To make the trains safer, we used an anti-crash system and video surveillance." Alstom Transport is supplying 600 commuter trains to Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa and constructing a local manufacturing facility for the transit system. Contractors: Not Just About Running Trains

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