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Let Everyone Enjoy The Ride Improve passenger safety, eliminate tip-overs and reduce operator involvement by deploying Quantum — the world's frst automatic wheelchair securement system. Thinking Beyond Safety STEP 2 Quantum's arms move to secure the wheelchair in place, and continually adjust their grip as needed throughout the journey. STEP 1 With the vehicle safely stopped, the Quantum unit is ready for the wheelchair passenger. Once the passenger's wheelchair is centered against the backrest, the press of a button engages the automatic locking sequence. STEP 3 Only when the bus stops at the destination can the Quantum release sequence be engaged so the passenger can disembark. 11 JULY 2014 m ETRO m AGAZINE > metro news briefs 'POP UP' BUS SERVICE LAUNCHES IN BOSTON AREA A new "pop-up" bus service, with routes dictated by data about people's commutes from Google Earth, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and LinkedIn, launched in Massachusetts in June. Te private service uses chartered buses and is run by a start- up technology company called Bridj. Te coaches feature comfortable seats and Wi-Fi and costs $6 per ride. CHICAGO DOUBLES SIZE OF MILITARY STAFF Te Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) reported it doubled the number of U.S. military veterans on staf since 2010, from 173 in 2010 to 348 in 2014. Over the past several years, veterans have increasingly joined the CTA in a wide variety of positions, from bus operators and fagmen to mechanics and customer service assistants. More than 20 now serve in manager or coordinator positions. AUGMENTED REALITY APP ANIMATES NYC SUBWAY Tunnel Vision, a new iPhone app, is using augmented reality and big data to create animated visualizations based on New York's subway system, Mashable reported. The app enables users to see which stations are likely to be the most crowded and view where in the system their train theoretically is — simply by pointing their iPhone at a subway map. NJ TRANSIT DEVELOPS EMERGENCY PLAN FOLLOWING SUPERSTORM SANDY New Jersey Transit developed a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan detailing how it will respond to storms, terrorist acts, earthquakes, and other major events that threaten customers and assets. There are seven plans in all, including separate documents for each mode of transportation. The agency put the plans together following public criticism after it stored rail equipment in low-lying yards during Superstorm Sandy — a decision that resulted in $120 million in damage. FTA OFFERS $100M FOR 'LADDERS OF OPPORTUNITY' The Federal Transit Administration is making approximately $100 million in competitive grant funds available through its new "Ladders of Opportunity Initiative." The funds may be used to modernize and expand transit bus service specifcally for the purpose of connecting disadvantaged and low-income individuals, veterans, seniors, youths, and others with local workforce training, employment centers, healthcare and other vital services. A 20% local match will be required.

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