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From elite touring coaches, and low-foor, clean-diesel buses to luxury mid-size designs and high-capacity, low emission interurban touring and commuter solutions – ABC delivers! DISCOVER A WHOLE NEW FLEET OF POSSIBILITIES AT ABC. Visit and learn more about ABC's new partnerships abc-companies/partners A B C C o m p a n i e s - P r o u d D i s t r i b u t o r o f : t An ABC Company * * Available exclusively through authorized Ameritrans dealers nationwide. Visit been and that transit will continue to benefit from the attention it has been given over the last several years. A Re- publican administration wouldn't be unfriendly, necessarily, but I think we will be back in a situation where we have to play a lot of defense to prevent things that could be perceived to be unfriendly or damaging to the future of the program. By having to play de- fense, and with a White House that is less friendly to transit, it will be a lot more difficult to maintain public tran- sit 's current grow th. The makeup of Congress will also have a huge impact both now and down the road. PATRICK JOLLY Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam Inc. Business Group Director, Transit Engineering Group HOW CAN CONSULTANTS HELP ELIMINATE THE FINANCIAL STRAIN OF PROJECTS ON A TRANSIT AGENCY? It really varies from project to project. Changing site conditions, right-of-way is- sues and unknown utilities have predomi- nantly been the biggest contributor to cost overruns, from a construction perspec- tive. What we are seeing more and more, especially as transit systems expand out- side of their original jurisdictions, is third- party and key stakeholders having signif- cant impacts on the project. Te mitigation to that, beyond the En- vironmental Impact Statement and Pre- liminary Engineering, is to be aggressive early-on in the design process and set- ting the expectations of third parties and key stakeholders. If I could say one thing that would be the biggest impact on con- trolling schedule and costs, it is estab- lishing the expectations for third parties and stakeholders. Before final design, know exactly what their jurisdictional requirements are and what they expect to get in terms of either improvements for their infrastructure or requirements on future developments that could im- pact the overall program. If those ex- pectations are not defned and Interlo- about the structure of the bill and lev- el of funding. I think you will see his bill addressing policy issues that were not addressed by the House in MAP- 21, because bill was not reported by the House Transportation and Infra- structure Committee, nor adopted by the House. Therefore, I think you will see the House weigh in on a couple key points that are important to their membership. IS THERE ENOUGH MOMENTUM FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION TO CONTINUE ITS GROWTH FOLLOWING OBAMA'S TERM? One has to believe that a Democrat- ic president will generally be as friend- ly to transit as this Administration has 18 < m ETRO m AGAZINE JULY 2014 CONSULTANT ROUNDTABLE

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