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For Information Call: 1-800-227-2095 Visit Online At: We See Everything... Rosco's new Dual-Vision™ XC 2+1 has the capacity to correct unsafe driver behavior through its ability to continuously record video and provide instant driver feedback. The Dual-Vision™ XC 2+1 AER is the only windshield based three (3) camera capable continuous and event recording device. It has 160+ hours of continuous recording capability and the ability to precisely calculate and save three types of events (G-force, Speed, Panic Button). With no monthly fees, free firmware with software up- grades, and powerful DV-Pro ® fleet management database software, Dual- Vision™ XC 2+1 is revolutionizing windshield based recording, again. Continuous Automotive Event Recorder Third Camera Capability! Dual-Vision™ XC buses can be purchased with two TM21 compressors, but instead of having front and rear split system evaporator units hanging from the ceiling, customers are putting two units up on the roof. Tis ap- plication allows for more cooling capac- ity, proper draining of the evaporators and makes for a more redundant cool- ing system. In case one unit goes ofine, there is a backup unit that operates com- pletely independently. "Tat was kind of a nice surprise to us — how many of these were sold and ap- plied on buses using two instead of just one," Oberdorf explains. RIFLED AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS W h e n a c u s t o m e r ca m e t o R i f l e d Air Conditioning Systems (RAC) with a drainage problem on their two-hole drain pan in the bulkhead evaporators a little over a year ago, execs at the com- pany found a way to implement a quick and per manent solution: the BH-20 bulkhead style evaporator with a four- hole drain pan rather than the previous two-hole pan. is the RTS-75 air conditioner system. Af- ter two years of research, engineering analysis and testing, ACT launched the system in February. The A/C units are available in two capacity ranges, 75,000 BTU/hr. and 90,000 BTU/hr., and in- clude optioning heating coils and dig- ital driver's display with A/C systems diagnostics. Te units can also be sup- plied with a 12-volt or 24-volt electri- cal system. According to ACT's GM, Dave Ober- dorff, while customer feedback has been positive, orders have come in for an application the company didn't an- ticipate: the installation of two A/C sys- tems on a larger bus. He explains that often front-engine 30 < m ETRO m AGAZINE JULY 2014 AIR CONDITIONING Rifed Air's BH-20 evaporator is designed to ft both the front and rear bulkhead of buses.

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