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118 < m ETRO m AGAZINE SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2014 ALLISTER COLLINGS (443) 730-1023 SEFAC mobile lifts are driven by a guaranteed self-locking screw. Without power it cannot move and it does not need a locking mechanism to grab the load. A screw lift will last longer than a hydraulic lift and is more environmentally friendly, as they will not leak hydraulic oil. BOOTH #3919 SEFAC Inc. ROB TAYLO (503) 849-2752 Today's commuters can't aford to wait in rush-hour traf- fc. What if, instead, they could spend that time connect- ing with the ofce, checking email and catching up on the latest news? By ofering free high-speed internet access on buses and trains, you can help customers reclaim their time – while you reap the benefts. BOOTH #5664 Single Point Communications CHRIS AKIYAMA (877) 630-7366 A leader in transit security, Seon provides world-class high-resolution camera systems, live video streaming, and real-time feet tracking for the safety and security of public transportation. Seon is proud to be ranked among the world's leading suppliers of mobile video surveillance equipment to the industry. BOOTH #4059 Seon Design Inc. MEREDITH WENDT (425) 483-7000 Sportworks designs, manufactures and distributes bicycle infrastructure solutions, including the industry-leading Bike-Rack-for-Buses® and innovative bicycle parking prod- ucts. Hundreds of thousands of bicyclists throughout 20 countries utilize our proprietary bike racks every month. Our products improve bicycle usability, promote global sustainability and enhance public transportation options at more than 1,200 customer sites around the world. Sportworks has supplied standard and custom bike racks to transit agencies, OEM bus builders and third-party feet management companies for over 20 years. BOOTH #3123 Sportworks Northwest Inc.

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