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Page 11 of 123 8 < m ETRO m AGAZINE FACT BOOK 2015 2006 Metro 10-year timeline scribed as the largest order for 30-foot low-foor buses in the history of North American transit. Cell phone plan set for London Underground June – London Underground of- cials planned to install mobile phone transmitters in four subway stations as part of a two-month feasibility study that will assess the requirements for placement of mobile phone towers. Possible services including Internet, digital radio and TV, and wireless Inter- net "hot spots" could be set up, said the BBC News. Passenger cell phone usage was expected to begin until the sum- mer of 2008. ABA, MCC form partnership July – Te ABA and Motor Coach Canada established a mutual work- ing arrangement that will initially be known as the North American Mo- torcoach Alliance. Representatives of the alliance said that its core mis- sion has three components: advocacy; technical education and training; and marketing, networking and industry awareness. Valley Metro Rail project on target July – Valley Metro Rail (METRO) and its partners, the cities of Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and Glendale, Ariz., are building the largest at-grade, in-street light rail system in the U.S. As of the end of May 2006, construction was ap- proximately 30% complete and on tar- get for revenue service in 2008. on school bus transportation were of- fered during the event, and a variety of school bus equipment debuted on the show foor. Cleveland, New Flyer unveil prototype for BRT corridor April – New Flyer Industries pre- sented a pilot version of its new BRT vehicle that will be used on the Great- er Cleveland Regional Transit Author- ity's (GCRTA) Euclid Corridor BRT line, scheduled to open in 2008. GRCTA purchased 21 of the vehicles from New Flyer at a total cost of approximately $20.5 million. On-demand NEVs is tech to 'shape the future' May – On-demand NEVs, or neigh- borhood electric vehicles, were cited in an article titled, "10 Technologies Tat Will Shape the Future." Tese on-de- mand services ofer increased options for public transportation at the fex- ibility that fts their schedules. For in- stance, drivers in Morristown, N.J., and in the San Francisco Bay Area can take cars to commute from their home to the station or from the station to their place of work. Miami-Dade Transit awards Optima largest-ever 30-foot bus order June – Miami-Dade Transit ofcials awarded Optima Bus Corp. a fve-year contract worth $178 million to build 300 Opus 30-foot low-foor buses. Te contract, which included an option for 300 additional buses, has been de- New York City transit strike said to cost city $1 billion January – A pre-Christmas tran- sit strike that crippled transportation in New York City for nearly three days cost the city an estimated $1 billion in lost revenue, about $400 million per day, according to then Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Disagreements over the MTA's three-year contract proposal's retirement benefts and wage increas- es were the cause of the walkout, which efectively ended all service on the sub- way and buses in the city. Transit stations board non-smoking bandwagon Feb./March – Several U.S. cities passed ordinances that prohibit smok- ing in public transportation facilities, including train stations, bus shelters and ticket kiosks, boarding and wait- ing areas. A Chicago ordinance makes smoking illegal in transit stations throughout the city, except in a few designated areas, with violators facing a fne of up to $100. UMA partners with national school group Feb./March – During the annu- al EXPO, Victor Parra, president of the UMA, announced the associa- tion's new partnership with the Na- tional School Transportation Associa- tion, which is a natural ft as one-third of UMA members operate school bus- es on contract basis. Several sessions METRO: 2004-2014 June 2006 September/October 2006 July 2006 J u n e 2 0 0 6 S e p t e m b e r / O c t o b e r 2 0 0 6 J u l y 2 0 0 6

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