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Page 13 of 123 10 < m ETRO m AGAZINE FACT BOOK 2015 2007 Metro 10-year timeline dik-Khan and Clif Henke focused on the steps public transportation agen- cies can take to both go green and save money. Some suggestions includ- ed spelling out sustainability policies and procedures in writing, switching to "clean" vehicles, minimizing waste stream and exploring green design when building new facilities. Leadership gap threatening transit industry May – With ridership surging, tran- sit systems poised to expand their in- fuence in the larger transportation scheme and top executives poised within the next 10 years, METRO exam- ined the growing challenge for agen- cies to develop their workforce to fll the leadership gap. Agencies ahead of the curve discussed the importance of suc- cession planning and fnding "rising stars" within its own organization. N.Y. MTA breaks ground on Second Avenue Subway June – Te New York MTA began construction on the frst phase of its Second Avenue Subway system. Te long awaited line — the frst major sub- way expansion in the city in 50 years — was frst proposed in the 1920s and was desperately needed since elevated train lines along the East Side were de- molished in the 1940s and 1950s. Honolulu revives congestion relief plan June – With trafc congestion chok- ing the island, Honolulu ofcials are f- New FTA chief seeks to create 'hybrid organization' January – In an exclusive interview with METRO, new Federal Transit Ad- ministrator James Simpson discussed the need to streamline the New Starts process and to make transit in the U.S. about the journey as well as the desti- nation. He added that making public transportation systems appear safe to discretionary riders was important for the industry's growth. Las Vegas monorail to extend service to airport Feb./March – Te Las Vegas Mono- rail Co. announced plans to extend its service to McCarran International Air- port beginning in 2011 to deal with the expected growth of the area's famous Strip. Te plans would eventually never come to fruition, but talk of expanding the system to the airport has recently been resurrected. Lane Transit launches BRT line Feb./March – Eugene, Ore.-based Lane Transit launched its new four- mile Emerald Express BRT service, paring down the previous route's travel time between Springfeld and Eugene by 38%. Te new service launched a month late because of delays with de- livery of the vehicles. How can transit fnd the green in going green? April – With the cost of resourc- es escalating, contributors Janette Sa- nally poised to begin building a fxed- guideway system that is set to break ground in 2009. Te plan comes af- ter nearly 40 years of discussion; how- ever, at the time ofcials were not sure whether the system would ultimately be light rail, monorail, maglev, rubber tire or some other type of technology. Will Calif.'s high-speed rail system ever gain traction? August – With the California High- Speed Rail Authority frm in its plan to create a statewide high-speed rail sys- tem, it is unclear if the project will be able to attain the funding necessary to build it. Among the issues is the lack of support by then Gov. Arnold Schwar- zenegger. UMA launches online 'Academy' Sept. /Oct. – Te UMA and the Col- lege of Southern Maryland teamed to launch the Bus and Motorcoach Acad- emy, which ofers a full lineup of on- line continuing college education classes aimed at helping operators im- prove their managerial skills and busi- ness knowledge and to help drivers im- prove their professional skills. Agencies buying more 'green' buses Sept./Oct. – In this year's install- ment of the Top 100 transit bus feets, which was topped by NYCT with 4,597 buses, the number of alternative-fu- eled vehicles reported grew 31% com- pared with the previous year. METRO: 2004-2014 January 2007 June 2007 November/December 2007 J a n u a r y 2 0 0 7 J u n e 2 0 0 7 N o v e m b e r / D e c e m b e r 2 0 0 7

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