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Page 17 of 123 14 < m ETRO m AGAZINE FACT BOOK 2015 2009 METRO: 2004-2014 Cell phone bus tracking apps developed April – Two transit agencies – Se- attle's King County Metro Transit and Pa.'s Port Authority of Allegheny Coun- ty — unveiled new cell phone apps that enables riders quick access to bus ar- rival information. Te companies that developed the solutions said they see the usage of apps expanding, particu- larly by the younger generation. Transit using cyberspace to reach riders May – With millions of people now consuming information through the Internet, transit agencies across the na- tion discussed how they began mar- keting their services using social media as well as expanding the amount of in- formation available on their websites. Among the many benefts of increasing the information available, includes the ability for agencies to reach their riders online immediately. Motorcoach industry exploring usage of seat belts June – With the number of trag- ic motorcoach accidents receiving in- creased attention in the media and by the federal government, Greyhound became the frst in the industry to be- gin equipping all of its vehicles with three-point seat belts. Tere are rum- blings at the time that seat belts will be- come mandatory on all motorcoaches. Recession impacting transit workforce June – Layofs, salary freezes and AIG collapse impacts public transit agencies January – Following the collapse of insurance giant American International Group Inc. (AIG), more than 30 transit agencies found themselves on the hook for an estimated $2 billion to $4 billion. AIG's failure resulted in the loss of its AAA-bond rating, forcing agencies to look for another insurer as well as mak- ing them accountable for millions to in- vestors for balances on leases. Are public-private partnerships the way to fll the funding gap? January – With funding capital proj- ects becoming increasingly difcult be- cause of the economic crisis, METRO examined how public-private partner- ships could possibly be a way to fll the funding gap. Among the agencies en- gaged in eforts to facilitate private in- vestment in their projects include the Denver Regional Transportation Dis- trict and Houston Metro. LaHood confrmed as Secretary of Transportation Feb./March – Former Illinois con- gressmen Ray LaHood was confrmed as the new Secretary of Transportation. During his confrmation hearing, La- Hood said he unequivocally support- ed Amtrak and expressed his support for seeking additional funding for New Starts projects. other cutbacks begin battering mo- rale at many transit systems due to the efects of the nation's economic re- cession. Te impact of the cost-cut- ting measures by several transit agen- cies also force several in the industry to retire early. To brave this tough time, open communication and investment in workforce development are the main focus by the industry to keep staf engaged and focused on the future. Consultant industry keeping eye on fed funding stream July – Following a record invest- ment and renewed interest in public transportation by incoming President Barack Obama and his administration, consultants taking part in METRO's annual roundtable report seeing a vast number of opportunities opening up. Tey added, though, that the pending reauthorization of the transportation funding bill must address several key factors, including the simplifcation of the New Starts/Small Starts process. Unsafe motorcoach ops 'reincarnating' Sept./Oct. – A U.S. GAO report found that 20 of the 220 operators ordered to stop service by the FMCSA in 2007 and 2008 remained in business by re-regis- tering — in some cases under the same name as the company that was barred. Te report also found that many of the companies that were barred simply continue operating without even going through the trouble of re-registering. February/March 2009 April 2009 July 2009 F e b r u a r y / M a r c h 2 0 0 9 A p r i l 2 0 0 9 J u l y 2 0 0 9

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