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23 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 m ETRO m AGAZINE > FREEDMAN SEATING COMPANY The Freedman Go-ES Seat is designed for flexibility to accommodate growing passenger needs. Designed for easy customization, the Go-ES Seat is shipped "option ready," giving you the flexibility to quickly add accessories in the field. The seats feature a SplitFlip option, external three-point belts, modular options that can be installed in-vehicle, decreased maintenance and installation costs, and Lock-N-Go cushions that snap in and out. FMNA The FMNA Fire Suppression system from USSC is the only system to attach all three components of the fire triangle: heat, oxygen and fuel. In the evaporation process, the water mist cools the burnt gases and hot parts in the engine compartment. The cooling contributes to rapid fire suppression and reduces the risk of reigniting. During the evaporation, the small water drops evaporate immediately upon contact with heat. In the evaporation, one liter of water forms 1,700 liters of water vapor. The vapor increases the water content of air, supported with an AFFF foam agent, which prevents a new supply of oxygen to the fire. The water mist also includes an addition of foam that blankets the fuel on flammable oil products to prevent restarts. CUBIC TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS NextAgent is an innovative hybrid ticket office, call center and ticket vending machine that enables transit operators to respond to a number of significant trends in ticketing. Some journeys and individual requirements are very complex and lead travelers to feel more comfortable dealing with a knowledgeable ticketing agent than with a ticket vending machine. NextAgent enables operators to balance these competing demands cost effectively by locating ticketing expertise in centralized ticketing "hubs" to which all passengers have access whenever they are traveling. SPORTWORKS The Sportworks Apex 3™ offers the most compact, unobstructed layout of any three-bike transit rack. A modular design reduces maintenance costs, while the rack accommodates the largest array of bikes with up to 29-inch diameter wheels, three-inch- wide tires and a 48-inch wheelbase. A rugged stainless steel construction with anti-glare finish provides maximum corrosion resistance and longevity. QUESTER TANGENT TrainWise is a flexible, comprehensive solution for trains and locomotives that employs leading-edge technology in a rail- robust package and integrates with other onboard systems. The suite provides a unified interface to monitor and manage all onboard electronic vehicle systems. Q'STRAINT Quantum, the transportation industry's first fully-automatic, rear-facing wheelchair securement station, allows passengers to board a bus or railcar, quickly position their chairs, and simply push a button to secure themselves in a stable and safe rear-facing position without driver assistance — all in under 25 seconds. Once the vehicle reaches the destination and stops, the passenger simply pushes the button again and independently makes their exit. ROTARY LIFT MOD35 is the next generation of Rotary Lift's MOD30 modular, environmentally friendly heavy-duty in-ground lift. Rotary Lift's patented universal saddles are widely used on MOD Series, EFX60 in-ground scissor and traditional in-ground lift installations worldwide. The modular design of the new MOD35 in-ground lift enables it to be customized for any location. The wide array of available saddles and adapters enable transit agencies to equip the lift for virtually any lifting application. CHAMPION BUS INC. The Champion LF Transport with Flexbus™ technologies is equipped with an electronically controlled air-ride suspension system, Equalizer® Ramp, single-slope entry and a 102-inch-wide true flat-floor passenger area. Features include alternative-fuel options, a large passenger side observation window, 225- amp alternator, five-speed automatic transmission, and a single source for warranty suspension and low-floor conversion. SIEMENS Siemens featured its Velaro high-speed trainset on the EXPO show floor. In addition to next-generation technology and comfort, Velaro's top qualities also include efficiency and environmental compatibility. Eight cars with two bogies each offer maximum transport efficiency over an approximate 656-foot length. Up to 510 seats are possible with classic seating and additional configurations provide space for up to 1,243 passengers, for the most energy-efficient transportation possible.

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